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Collection displaysThe Lafayette Foundation hosts a tremendous collection of uniforms and memorabilia from both World Wars. Though we started out with a focus on World War-I, in recent years we've added numerous items from the period leading up to and including World War-II. We continue to add items from the "Golden Age of Aviation" which is generally considered the period from 1918 - 1939.

collection researchHistorical period researchers from around the U.S. and even throughout the world regularly contact our museum seeking information on facts relating to both our collection and aircraft. The renowned status and breadth of our quality memorabilia has even led several Smithsonian researchers to visit us to gain first-hand perspective on memorabilia details.

uniformAll of our collection memorabilia are authentic and original items. Today we boast over 1,000 carefully preserved, rare collection elements. Many of these original items are on display in our array of life-size diorama. Additionally, we have a number of period posters as well as historical art created by local artist Andrea Parks (link to her website). With continued sponsorships (please visit our sponsorship page) and the continued support of both generous individuals we continue to add to our collection. We're also fortunate to be the recipient of support from the Denver-based Gates Foundation, which thankfully enables us to add significant memorabilia from other private collections as they come on the market.

school visitschool visitWe invite you to visit our museum to personally experience our collection first-hand. Also, please continue to revisit our website to learn of special events, learn when we have additional items on display and to keep abreast of the many exciting events that we feature at the museum.

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