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DVD coverWe are thrilled to announce the release of our DVD covering the flight of our three WW-I Fokker fighters from Colorado to Ohio. This feature length DVD was filmed by renowned producer Art Annecharico and edited by industry standout Russ Wiltse.

You can view a 2 minute trailer of this movie on YouTube at this link.

  • D-VIII & Dr.ID-VIII & Dr.I

By stopping at grass landing strips across the heartland of America, these modern day Fly Boys were the news-of-the-day for many towns along the route. Our blog covered the outstanding greetings our crews received as they shared the history of our aircraft, their construction and engineering and the history and personalities of the WW-I Aces who flew these aircraft.

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Here's the back of our T-shirt that we're offering as a special package for $29.95 with our above DVD. If you order the T-shirt also, please indicate SIZE in the text of your email.

To receive your copy of this DVD please email us your name, mailing address and phone # (in case we need to clarify something regarding your order). Also, if you do want to order the DVD + T-shirt special, please indicate T-SHIRT SIZE in the text of your email.

Click this email link DVD email order link.

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please send us $19.95 (if you ONLY want the DVD) plus $3.00 for shipping & handling (total = $22.95)--or, for our DVD + T-shirt special please remit $29.92 + $3 shipping/handling for a total of $32.95. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Thank you very much in advance for your order!

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